FIt was in art that the Brazilian found one of his main means of expression. Between joys, sadness and the coexistence of indigenous peoples and European immigrants, the ways of living and rooting were developed.

It is in this Brazilian cultural and historical paradise that Art Brazil A Look was born. A social project that aims to give visibility to talented Brazilian artists living in isolated regions and difficult to reach across the country. In their first destination, Lisi Wendel and Tales Morigi explored the interior of Minas Gerais, where they talked with local artists who survive on their art. The project aims to bring the work of these professionals throughout Brazil, crossing physical, geographical and social barriers. As a way to encourage and promote local initiatives, a percentage of the sale of each painting and canvas produced by Tales and Lisi will go to the participating artists.

Art Brazil A Look has already collected more than 30 thousand reais in sales to artisans in its first edition. In addition to increasing the income of artisans, the main objective of the project is to give visibility to these artisans and to awaken, in some way, the perpetuation of this gift by new generations. The project is in its second edition, and have already been covered Minas Gerais, Alagoas and Sergipe.