Feliz de quem enxerga o simples e sorri
isto é ter arte dentro de si!

    Mariana Prestes

    Publicist and artist at heart, from Porto Alegre, she wants to be a designer since she was a child. After years in executive positions in advertising, she came back to the art. Watercolor is kept in its diaphanous essence for creation. The colors and features depict the beauty of birds and plants and warn of the threat of extinction of these species. Copyrighted, she also develops illustrations and patterns for surfaces.

    Rhayani Paschoalim

    Rhayani was born in Paraná. She lives in Uberlândia and was one of the artists invited to participate in the Arte Brasil - Um Olhar project. Her paintings on paper exhibit vivid colors with applications that transiting between chalk pastel, acrylic paint, and ink. Because of your closeness to nature, Rhayani recreates their experiences in the field through imaginary characters, expressing all your subjectivity in color images composed of delicate strokes.

    Sérgio J. Matos

    Sérgio J. Matos, from Paranatinga in Mato Grosso, is a designer known for his works with outstanding characteristics of indigenous culture. He develops furniture and decorating products using ancient techniques and handmade knowledge. As a child he admired the beauty of native Brazilian culture, lived close to an indigenous reserve, which transformed his perception to the essence of Brazilianness bringing it to his work and sharing Brazil around the world.  

    Tales Morigi

    Capturing details with a look of a civil engineer, valuing symmetry and composition of macros structures and information, summarizing your click on “it's not only art”. The front of Casa Tendenza Galleria since 2015, exhibits photographs of shapes, lines, surfaces and textures that transpose his detailed vision, and which emerged experimentally to become one of his greatest passions.